Just a simple world “Dream”. And the artist is playing with the letters. It’s a palindrome.

Exotism in Montmartre

In the street called rue de la bonne, at the feet of the Sacred Heart basilica, a cool meeting between two exotic girls.

The readers

There are two passionate readers, on the top of Mont Cenis street stairs. And the sunset is their only light.

Summer in Lepic street

When thousands of tourists are walking along rue des Abbesses and are sitting all together on the crowded terraces, some Parisians girls know the…

Lost in Clignancourt

Eyes wide open, she is lying on the ground around Clignancourt square. She is like an ancient greek statue with a faded beauty waiting…

From another country

In the small Ramey lane, under the buildings, the artist is creating another world and make us thinking about the reality of life.

Street art, Tholoze street

It’s like an open space street art gallery in small Tholozé street, near the Abbesses. The spectators are a little bit like in front…