A drone above Montmartre

The photographer Amos Chapple has taken wonderful photographies of some secret places in the world. But she has also used a drone to make…

Drunk there

The tag says that an alcoholic is lying there. Pochtron is a slang word that means alcoholic people, or somebody who drinks too much in…


In the small cobbled stone street just down the Sacre Coeur this beautiful piece of street art is enchanting the walk.

Yes it is

Seen in a little Montmartre street. The sentence means “life is beautiful”. And we we wand to believe it.

Body builded poets #4

They launch issue number 4 of the poetry fanzine “Les poètes bodybuidés”. A strange name that hides real love  for words and emotions.

The madona and the workers

In three brothers street during the construction of a new building artists are using the space as an open art gallery. The madona is…


This cool graffiti is perfect for the beginning of Fall. It gives us joy and dynamism. It is in Rodier street and we love…

Strange fisherman

The shark is no more hungry, the skateboard is tired, the chicken is not (yet) grilled and the duck comes from the bathroom…

Place du tertre in the 50’s

This charming square in the 50’s when real painters were working here. the sign says “take care of the stairs”. Funny.

A woman on her window in the 50’s

In the little cobbled stone Gabrielle street a young lady is posing for a photographe. Innocence and quietness. A few things have changed since…