They are like statues, sitting on quiet Emile Goudeau square, near the ancien Bateau lavoir where  so many painters as Picasso, Modigliani, Pissaro and…

Walking up to the glory

They are so high, so long… those stairs going up to Sacre coeur are also the stairs to glory… Half way is the entrance…

Body builded poets #4

They launch issue number 4 of the poetry fanzine “Les poètes bodybuidés”. A strange name that hides real love  for words and emotions.

Place du tertre in the 50’s

This charming square in the 50’s when real painters were working here. the sign says “take care of the stairs”. Funny.

A woman on her window in the 50’s

In the little cobbled stone Gabrielle street a young lady is posing for a photographe. Innocence and quietness. A few things have changed since…

The painter

His name is José Nowacki and he is painting since many years around Montmartre. His paintings are inspired by the Sacre Coeur, but they…

Exotism in Montmartre

In the street called rue de la bonne, at the feet of the Sacred Heart basilica, a cool meeting between two exotic girls.

The readers

There are two passionate readers, on the top of Mont Cenis street stairs. And the sunset is their only light.

Summer in Lepic street

When thousands of tourists are walking along rue des Abbesses and are sitting all together on the crowded terraces, some Parisians girls know the…

Street art, Tholoze street

It’s like an open space street art gallery in small Tholozé street, near the Abbesses. The spectators are a little bit like in front…