On the ladder

At the corner of tiny Agent Bailly street here is a new painting emerging.

Absolute thirst

Miss tic is a famous street artist. This big painting ( bigger than usually) is talking about absolute and the meaning of life.

Not in my shoes

Sometimes, after a very hard night, you are wandering  where you are and how you came here. In French we say “beside our shoes”….

The window social dog

Standing at the window, the dig is looking at people passing by and seems to be very interested by everything. We can imagine it…

Open air museum

A great classical paintings visited by a street artist who also changed the name of the street (Andrea del Sarto instead of André del…

A lion in the urban jungle

Between the Montmartre cemetery and Saint Ouen avenue, Etex street looks like an urban jungle path where a lion peacefully walks. Fragile masterpiece.

Don’t do it !

Ok it is forbidden and everybody knows it. But the real creativity is on the city walls.

Dream baby dream !!

There is a special place that graphers love at the corner of Feutrier street and André del Sarte street where messages are sometimes optimistic…

Sicilian clan

Alain, Jean and Lino. Three famous French actors in a great movie called “the Sicilian clan”. And now they have red roses on their…